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Service Form 1993
03.Customers from
Many Indian customers show great interest in one of our products, among whom an Indian customer is very intentional. At that time, it’s their purchasing agent and general manager who were in charge of the product coming to visit our company together. Our salesman went to the factory along with them and visited the production condition. They three negotiated the product details all day long. The customer is very satisfied with our good control of the factory production. Since the customer is a bit business that evening, we decided to talk about the rest of the details the next night . Having learned that the customer has little interest in Chinese food, so we ordered Indian restaurant in advance and spent a pleasing evening. We also made an appointment to come next time.
After the customer returned to India, there were still questions about one of the product technical parameters. They were worried that the high value of the parameter will affect the product, for which I quite understood. We are sure about our products are fully in line with European standards and  specifically explain the cost to the customer. Finally we came an agreement with a value $500,000 order.  Although the delivery inspection was very strict,  I was full of sense of accomplishment for the customer’s satisfactions. Later we also specially visited him. His family is very warm and friendly.
At the same time, I also realized the Indian customer’s inner entanglement. However, this is understandable. After all, they have never used it and it’s his first purchase. 
In our communication, I found that Indian customers pay more attention to the quality of products. They want to buy the best products with the least amount of money. In fact, this is the initial psychological appeal of every customer. This also reminds us that the quality of the products must be paid more attention to. More importantly, in order to survive in the increasingly homogenized and competitive market, the high quality of the product is necessary. 
02.Customers from
This customer wanted to process a stainless steel non-standard parts, but had no idea how to choose accessories, so he sent an inquiry and asked for help. He also had some understanding of the choice of accessories, and worried about the accuracy of processing as well as the inadequate service life. The customer explained the reasons in details with our business department. Later our factory technicians had a discussion, and then feedback to the customer according to his needs. We suggested using A or B accessories. What’s more, their parameters, advantages and disadvantages were clearly listed in the form of tables with pictures respectively, for customers to make more intuitive comparison.
Australia time is three hours earlier than China, and the customer were elderly, and in consideration of the workers working hard in the 40-degrees high temperature workshop in Australia’s summer, I urged our technicians to help solve this problem, although it’s a small order of few hundred dollars, I think good service to our customers can not be ignored.
As Christmas is approaching, and this customer wanted to receive the goods once the Christmas over. But one of the accessories needs half a month for normal delivery. In order to save delivery time, I searched others to supersede. Fortunately, I found the substitute spot goods. After a long time consultation, we finally chose an international express delivery company with the best effectiveness and price.
Perhaps my sincerity really helped the customer. During Christmas, I received a long letter of congratulations from him. I also deeply gratified and appreciated the value I provided to the customers.
Because of the busy work, the customer gave feedback a month later, said that the effect was very good.
Later, this customer will contact us when he needs to find other accessories. Although some of them I can't find, it shows that customer’s trust for our factory. Later at the Shanghai exhibition, the customer also came over and we had a hurry meeting.
This successful experience tells us that when the customers search for accessories, they may generally have their own requirements, which conventional products can not fully meet. For this we can communicate with customers about the ultimate goal, maybe other products can also meet the same needs. Just like before the cars were invented, people actually wanted faster horses, but in fact they just needed to reach their destination faster.
At the same time, it also shows that my own product information reserves are not enough, for which I will accumulated slowly in the future. There is no shortcut on the way to success.
So in our work and life, we need to learn to observe more, think more, and expand the breadth and depth of thinking, so as to have more ideas in response to customers' different need. To say the least, even if the product can not satisfy the customer's needs in the end, it also improves the possibility of correct product selection.
03.Customers from
The client is from Egypt. His boss and engineer are going to visit our factory. After meeting, the client asks for all the technical information and quotation. Then he comes with his partner to talk about the details, and sign the contract, finally make the payment for $650,000. In the details of product marking, the salesman confirmed that the customer has clearly stated that there is only the Japanese standard flange, and “no else mark”. (Here's an explanation, the custom is very strict with marking in customer’s country, and the product must conform to the labeling.)
Later it was normal delivery. But after a month when the goods arrived at the port, we received customer’s very anxious contact. They said that the custom department refused to clear the customs because there was no mark on our products.
We took out our contract at that time. The customer said that there was a problem in communicating with the salesman. He said “no else mark, not no mark”. But at this time, it is not important to find out who is right or wrong.
The customer was very anxious, since the only choice was to return the package back and reprocess. However, it was totally unrealistic.
In this embarrassing situation, on the premise of quickly solving problems and pursuing quality, we directly decided to transport a laser printer with a value of 60,000 yuan by air to our customers, and to complete all the words on this part of the flange. Customer also give thumbs up to our solutions. And up to now, we have been keeping cooperation on large orders.


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