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Chemical System Application
Commonly used pipe fittings for chemical industry include elbows, tees, reducers, caps and other components. Pipe fittings are often connected by butt welding, socket welding and screwing. When the inner diameter of the pipe fittings and pipe is greater than 50 mm, the way of butt welding is commonly used. The socket welding connection is mostly used for pipe fittings and pipe connections with an inner diameter of less than 40 mm or a relatively thin pipe. Of course, there are exceptions. Although the wall of lubricating oil pipeline is thin, it usually used butt welding, which is often used in some non-weldable components.
Most of the leaks in the project occurred at the junction. Flanges, gaskets and bolt bodies are the components of the joint. Only these three components work together can ensure the sealability of the joint. The different flanges have different applications ranges. Butt welding flange is often used between flange and tube. In the welding process, the quality of joint is better than that of flat welding and socket welding. Flat welded joints are mostly used for components with relatively mild impurities, which are more preferential in price than other joints. Bolts in the flange connection will be selected according to the temperature of pipeline operation and the type of medium and other factors. 


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