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Zhejiang Jiangzhou Piping Co.,Ltd. is a forging as the core, set research and development, production, sales in one of the flange piping integrated production enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful Wenzhou, Longwan. Company founder Mr. Wang Guocheng to start down the path of entrepreneurship from 1993, the founder of Zhejiang Jiangzhou Piping Co.,Ltd. Trying to find a breakthrough way in the development of enterprises, enterprises have developed rapidly, becoming the first flange piping production enterprises in Wenzhou, took the lead in establishing enterprise flange, piping fittings research laboratory, built a product quality inspection center and a high level of. Existing lathe, drilling machine, piping friction press, press, CNC lathes and other high precision machine tool nearly 100 Taiwan, senior engineer, dozens of professional and technical personnel, company for crudely made ills emerging in recent years flanged fittings industry in the production process, learning foreign skills through research, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment and excellent talent with the scientific management pattern, and the tireless efforts of all staff of the Jiangzhou, the operating system to achieve large-scale and standardized.
In recent years the company growing also received national recognition of the authority, has obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certification, China special equipment production license and TS certification, CE certification, import and export trade, Zhejiang province quality trustworthy product title.
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 ISO9001 certification
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